Viewers find themselves

captivated by the edgy unconventionality of the works of Christoph Faulhaber

... which point out the contradictions and abysses of our society today. What at first seems like a phenomenon far distant from everyday life ultimately reveals a fascinating topicality. Marshall McLuhan talked about “art as radar [. . .] an early warning system that allows us to recognize social and psychological weaknesses far in advance.” There is hardly any other artist to whom this applies as much as it does to Faulhaber and his art, which dares to look toward the future in order to show, what the consequences of our present day might be. 

His work was presented a.o. at institutions in Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Düsseldorf, Osnabrück, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Museo Reina Sofía Madrid, the National Gallery Prague, the Foundry Dubai, as well as in Lagos, Malta, Mexico, and Venice.

Works and Projects

Artist'S Selection

CryptoGallery #ONE (2022)

SAAI Factory (2021-22)

Para Social (2018 - 2020)

Mexicanization (2016)

Every Picture is an empty picture (2014)

Surveillance contra (2009)

Mister Security (2004 - 2008)

99 beautiful cartoons (2016)

Amber Room Project (2004 - 2013)

Phantom of Punk (2015)

Palau Blue Sky (2011)

Guantanamo Allocation Center (2009)

Shows, Press & Media

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Books and Monographs

Christoph Faulhaber

A Golden Age

This monograph is the first to offer comprehensive insight into the artist’s oeuvre. Early works, such as Land Art performances e.a., are being published for the first time...

Diminish Accelerate

AI_VR_Games / Video

In his new cycle German artist Christoph Faulhaber examines artificial intelligence. What at first seems like a phenomenon far distant from everyday life ultimately reveals a fascinating topicality...

SAAI Manifesto


This manifesto represents the principles of SAAI Factory. In light of all the dynamic contemporary changes, Artificial Intelligence is challenging us and our aesthetic perception of art...

Christoph Faulhaber

Unbild//Projektkunst. An Introduction to Project Art

Although broken away from the traditional concept of the artwork, Faulhaber fulfils one of the most important objectives of art: he holds up a mirror to society in his work...

New York, NY 10047/48

The Public Process of Rebuilding the World Trade Center after September 11 2001

This study – “a memorial of a process” and “a fragment in the fabric of collective and global reflections”– tries to find answers in the public process and in the democratic struggle to rebuild...

Christoph Faulhaber

Ich wie es wirklich war - I, the truth

The challenge of the security apparatus brings art into such close contact with reality that the tense relationship between freedom and surveillance becomes all the clearer.

to be continued...